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Natural Hair Journey of two cousins

Posted 1 year ago

Bantu Knot Out!

Also check out my youtube channel i made with my cousin to document our different hair journeys! I’m already natural and she is transitioning. We would love for you all to subscribe and join in our learning process also <3

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Bantu Knots/ Cantu Shea Butter

Me. I’m 24 now. I’m not African. I’m not Jamaican. I’m from the midwest and I have a country accent. I’m pictured with a Djembe and you can probably tell I can’t play well, haha. But I do produce music. Hip-hop. Electronic. The list goes on. I make so much music that I sometimes forget to eat. My weight fluctuates many times throughout the year and I get sick often. I’m so outta touch with pop culture because of my work ethic. No time for tv, radio, and social networking sites. Well, obviously I’m currently on Tumblr. I usually don’t type like this. I’m much more articulate than the writing that appears in front of you. Forgive me. I’m sleepy. Another day of work finished. Goodnight/good morning. -DJ

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Braid Out